I moved to Detroit and someone is playing a trombone outside my apartment rn


rare image of vladimir putin absorbing the life force of a small child

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in a smaller font, in jokerman font


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'want', the fuckboy types as he hits reblog on the 53rd porn gif of the day. the door breaks down and scores of naked tattooed white girls pour in, ready to answer the official fuckboy mating call. 'hot damn', he thinks, 'I don't think brand new ever wrote a song for this occasion'. it is beautiful. his eyes open wide. they are swarming into the room like angry hornets and he cannot breathe. it is beautif

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I saw your name on the library cards a long time ago…

I saw your name on the library cards a long time ago…

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'The Magician, the Cat, and the Stove' from Bozena Nemcová, The disobedient kids : and other Czecho-Slovak fairy tales (1921). Illustrations by Artus Scheiner.

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Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des manuscrits, Français 9197, detail of f. 136v (Mercury with dragon kebab) Evrart de Conty, Le livre des échecs amoureux. Flanders, 15th century. Artist: Maître d’Antoine Rolin

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Heather Chontos.

I’m insane

Pretzel crust


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ur disgusting

When you tell your boss you have a 6 hour studio on Saturdays and she still schedules you

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